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'The Wonders' is the name of the collective consciousness that is channeled through Réné Gaudette. All audio material is recorded during live workshops, retreats, and study group events. It is unedited to ensure The Wonders' message is unfiltered.

Our Story

Since 1997, Réné and Maggie have organized hundreds of live workshops to introduce the public to The Wonders and their teachings. Each workshop has been recorded and today is available for purchase and download through this store. It is the largest collection of channeled audio recordings ever from a single channeler. Since their first teachings became available in the mid 90s, The Wonders' material has guided individuals from all walks of life to explore without any limits their inner and outer self. Today, The Wonders continue to speak on a myriad of topics that include health, self empowerment, love, relationships, sexuality, parenting, wealth, business, the origins of mankind, society, religion, understanding the human mind, and will continue to explore so much more in the coming years.