About The Wonders

The Wonders

'The Wonders' is the name of the collective consciousness that is channeled through Réné Gaudette with the help of Maggie Gaudette, his partner and facilitator for all sessions with The Wonders.


Since 1997, Réné and Maggie have organized hundreds of live workshops to introduce the public to The Wonders and their teachings. Each workshop has been recorded and today is available for purchase and download through this store. It is the largest collection of channeled audio recordings ever from a single channeler.

All audio material is recorded during live workshops, retreats, and study groups. It is unedited to ensure The Wonders' message is unfiltered.

The Wonders Audio Series

Audio Recordings

All workshops, monthly study groups, and retreats have been recorded and made available to you through this library. The Wonders have spoken on a myriad of topics. We invite you to explore. 

The Wonders Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Private sessions are one-one-one conversations with The Wonders and offered over the phone. Sessions are always recorded, never shared publicly, and sent to you via audio download immediately after your session.

The Wonders Live Events

Live Workshops

From monthly interactive, over-the-phone explorations moderated by The Wonders to 7-day intensive retreats, live events are the best way to experience The Wonders and feel what it's like to be in the room.

I could have spent hours talking, asking questions and learning from The Wonders.

- A. Collins


Since their first teachings became available in the mid 90s, The Wonders' material has guided individuals from all walks of life to explore without any limits their inner and outer self.


Today, The Wonders continue to speak on a myriad of topics that include health, self empowerment, love, relationships, sexuality, parenting, wealth, business, the origins of mankind, society, religion, understanding the human mind, and will continue to explore so much more in the coming years.

Réné & Maggie

In 1989, Réné had a near-death experience after being hit by a truck while on his snowmobile. When he awoke in the hospital, Réné realized his life was about to take a major turn as childhood memories began to resurface.

As he later recalled, his parents had taken him – at the age of three – to see a psychiatrist because he was always "talking in his sleep." At age five, he told his father "he wanted to go to sleep and get paid for it." This dream would soon become reality.

In 1990, during an ordinary meditation class, Réné began answering questions. Though asleep, the answers he provided were profound and accurate. Since that day, his answers have guided thousands of individuals to their own self-empowerment. His clients include business leaders, artists, doctors, politicians, and others who have found his counsel enlightening.

Today, Réné and his wife Maggie – whom he describes as “the love of my life, the life of my love, and the yin to my yang” – reside in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.