Let's All Get Well Soon: An Exploration of Health Perspectives - eBook
Expanding The Understanding Of Chakras - eBook

Expanding The Understanding Of Chakras - eBook

Let's All Get Well Soon: An Exploration of Health Perspectives - eBook

Digital ebook for Kindle or iPad/iPhone.

In their second published book, The Wonders explore health, disease, and how you can balance your state of health. Described as "the only book on health any of us will need," it discusses microwaves, organic foods, and why sometimes alternative modalities are not enough.
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Digital ebook for Kindle or iPad/iPhone.

The second publication from The Wonders, Let’s All Get Well Soon is “the only book on health any of us will need.” It will take you on a no-holds barred tour of humanity's current state of health and disease.

This amazing read will leave you with an understanding of how both humanity and the planet wound up in an imbalanced, unhealthy state it is now in and what we can do about it. You will be provided with a detailed account of the systematic deterioration in the quality of food and water sources over the past 100 years and gain an understanding of the numerous diseases that have been created as a result of environmental toxicity.

Let's All Get Well Soon provides practical solutions to detoxifying and cleansing your body. You will learn about a Health Protocol that has helped hundreds of individuals rebalance their health, regain their vitality, and maintain a feeling of youthfulness. The solutions you will gain are designed to restore your physicality, well-being, and longevity.

You will also be taken beyond the physical to explore the interrelationship of the emotional, mental and manifested spiritual parts of yourself. You will see how an imbalance in any one of these aspects can impact your physical health. For any health-conscious individuals determined to understand what disease really is and how easily it can be overcome, this is a must-read book.

We feel privileged to present you with information that can - finally - help you balance your health. Learn:

  • what disease really is and how it can be overcome
  • how your body is capable of maintaining itself for 10,000+ years
  • how there is no such thing as aging - only a state of disease that if reversed, removes the aging process
  • the systematic and intentional deterioration in the quality of our food and water sources over the past 100 years
  • the current state of toxicity of our everyday food and water sources
  • the diseases that have sprung up as a result of today’s state of toxicity
  • the importance of water to the proper maintenance of cellular structure and the elimination of harmful toxins from the body
  • the food and water sources that are the most beneficial to our health
  • the vitamins and supplements that are the most beneficial
  • how vitamins and minerals interact with the body
  • the importance of rest and relaxation to the body
  • how an imbalance in one aspect of the self - either the physical, emotional, mental or manifested spiritual - can create an imbalance in the other aspects and create disease
  • how lack of self-worth leads to disease
  • how imbalance between the logical and creative aspects of the self can eventually lead to disease and missed opportunities
  • an energy treatment designed to re-balance the physicality at every level and restore it to a state of health

Includes: an easy-to-follow Health Protocol designed to restore the body to optimum health
a must-read for health-conscious individuals determined to restore their physicality to the optimum state of balance, well-being and longevity you can finally enjoy.


"Put aside whatever your preconceived notions might be about channeled material. This is a powerful book about living a healthy life. It discusses microwaves, organic foods, and why sometimes alternative modalities are not enough. Much of the information is just basic common sense: drink more fluids, get more exercise, live with a more positive attitude, and seek balance. Yet I was enlightened by the frank discussions of the role of self-image, the way we think, and the balance or lack thereof, between creativity and logic. Also, the discussion of aging and why humans die in the physical realm was extremely insightful. Large doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, ginkgo biloba, bilberry extract, wild yam cream, and castor oil are recommended. I loved the fact that The Wonders felt organic coffee is fine for people who enjoy it. They also suggest organic foods whenever possible and warn about society's toxins. This is a book of empowerment. The overall message is that our health, like most of our lives, is in our hands."
- Michael Peter Langevin, Magical Blend Magazine, Founder

"Despite its casual and positive title, Let's All Get Well Soon makes a powerful statement about the contaminated state of our present civilization and just what we need to do to reverse the damage. A collective energy consciousness channeled through Réné Gaudette, The Wonders speak in a strong and unflinching voice of how our Earth's food and water sources not only herald myriad diseases, but also reflect society's denigration of the individual self. Their explanation of the contamination of our food supply provides a foundation of understanding from which we can start to nourish our bodies to "begin shifting [our physicality] to recognize the benefit of health."

Rarely has there been such a convincing argument about the essential importance of drinking plenty of mountain spring water daily, though they recommend a daily intake of much more than most of us can even imagine ingesting! The cultivation of seeds used to feed us represents the "recycling of genetically flawed cellular structure within the food;" the "chemical structure of certain insecticides, pesticides and fungicides take billions of years to dissolve or disintegrate...remain in the Earth and are therefore reintroduced over and over and over again into our food source."

But the nutritional and ecological concerns are only part of the story as The Wonders see "health [as] directly related or interrelated to the choices of the person on an emotional level." Furthermore, "the mental self becomes the catalyst, the mover of health, the tool to bring back emotional health." Along with a shift in diet, there needs to be a proper nutrition of the mental and emotional levels which involves "reviewing certain emotional belief structures and blockages within the self, reviewing and releasing anger, pain, hurt, discomfort and hate."

Enlightening perspectives on everything from disease and pain to aging and its implied limits to finding our midpoint in creative (right-brain) and logical (left-brain) functioning are offered so that no aspect of health remains unexamined. A marvelous, provocative and awakening book, Let's All Get Well Soon directs us in the recovery of our bodies' and our planet's own levels of "optimal ability, optimal existence" and natural good health, equipping us with many possible tools for getting there. The rest is up to us."
- Heidi Rei, Spirit of Change Magazine

"This simple yet profound and straightforward book integrates a most common-sense, economical and thorough way to not only prevent illness but also heal from diseases--and it will help us clean up the planet at the same time."
- Scott Miners, Well Being Journal

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More Information
Year Published 2001
Author The Wonders channeled through Réné Gaudette
ISBN 1-894802-01-2
Pages 312 Pages
Publisher The Wonders Press Inc.
Transcription Maggie McGuffin-Gaudette