Meditation Videos

1. On abundance and money

Recorded during the 2002 workshop entitled "The Illusion Of Money," this meditation helps you expand your perspectives around flow, abundance, and money.


2. On changing beliefs around death

Recorded during the 2005 workshop entitled "Changing The Methodology Of Dying," this meditation helps you anchor within yourself a methodology of living as opposed to dying.


3. On imagination

Recorded during the 2006 workshop, "The Mind's Imagination," this meditation helps you expand you reconnect with and express your creativity.


4. On food and eating

What nourishment does your truly body require? Recorded during the 2006 Wonders workshop, "Food And Its Effects On The Body," this meditation helps you anchor a new relationship with your physical body.


5. On removing limiting beliefs

Recorded in 1999 during the workshop, "Learning To Channel," The Wonders provide a guided mediation on removing limiting beliefs.