The complete recording of the 2016 Health Retreat is now available for download. This amazing series includes the following recordings:

Series 1045: The Health Retreat
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Day 1
1. Reviewing The Psychologies And Beliefs Around Health
2. Maintaining The Physical Health In An Easy Way
3. Control And Command Aspects Of Health

Day 2
4. Exploring The Underlying Genetic Issues Of Health
5. Changing Genetic Patterns To Support Health
6. Telomeres, Cell Replication, Stem Cells - How Can We Expand On These?

Day 3
7. Juicing And Cleansing - Do They Really Help Our Health?
8. Exercise And The Macrobiotic Diet - Do They Complement Each Other?
9. Meditation As An Effective Health Benefit

Day 4
10. Alternative Therapies And How To Use Them To Our Advantage
11. Live Long And Prosper - Can It Be Done?
12. Stem Cell Research And Its Projected Benefits - An Exploration

Day 5
13. An Exploration Of The Use Of Micro-Surgery And Nanobots
14. Will 3D Printing Help You Live Longer?
15. Living Longer And Enjoying An Active Sex Life

Day 6
16. Can The Mind Remain Sharp - How?
17. Waiting For Death Or Living Large!
18. The Hereditary Factor - Is It Real?

Day 7
19. Can You Be Truly Healthy?
20. Audience Questions About Personal Health
21. Wrapping Up Your Questions And Setting You On The Healthy Path