A few months ago, we mentioned there were some big upcoming changes. Well, we’re excited to tell you that if you’re reading this, you’re seeing one of them. And it’s really exciting. Welcome to our completely redesigned online store for all things from The Wonders.

Regular listener will especially appreciate a few changes:


Find Which Recordings You’ve Downloaded

In this new store, you can access all of your recordings from anywhere in the store. Just scroll over the Account icon in the top right corner and click ‘My Recordings’ to see which recordings you’ve already downloaded.

It’s a great addition when you want to double-check which series you already own without scrolling through your library.


One-Click Downloads

Those of us who have purchased a larger series, like any retreat series or the recent Origins series – basically, anything containing more than six recordings – can recall how time consuming it is to click each recording in order to download it. You have to click, wait for the download to finish, check which files you’ve downloaded, and repeat until all parts have been downloaded. 

Well, click no more! All parts of a series are now downloaded as a single file. This means all you have to do is click once, open the file, and move it into your audio library, like iTunes!


We hope you enjoy the new shopping experience. Stay tuned for more updates.